Facebook syncing

Here are a few neat tools to sync your Facebook info (calendars, evens, birthdays etc) with your computers own addressbook and calendar program... Events & birthdays to a CALENDAR: - FBcal - http://www.fbcal.com/ (Mac & Win)

Contacts & birthdays to an ADDRESS BOOK: - Addressbook Sync - http://danauclair.com/addressbooksync/ (Mac) - Facebook Sync -  http://fsbsoftware.com/FacebookSync.dmg (Mac) - Out Sync -  http://www.melsam.com/outsync/ (Win) - Fonebook - http://ross.dargan.googlepages.com/ (Win)

Not I've not used the Windows applications... the Mac ones work great!

Message and status to your DESKTOP : - FMenu - http://sourceforge.net/projects/fmenu/ (Mac)