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Run multiple IE versions

If your a web designer and you still have clients who use old versions of Internet Explorer (or have potential clients who will), this is a fantastic little tool to let you run all the old versions of IE at once on Windows XP so you can test the rendering of your web page in these awful old browsers... This is almost the only reason I have a virtual machine of Windows XP on my Mac ;) More information...


Facebook syncing

Here are a few neat tools to sync your Facebook info (calendars, evens, birthdays etc) with your computers own addressbook and calendar program... Events & birthdays to a CALENDAR: - FBcal - (Mac & Win)

Contacts & birthdays to an ADDRESS BOOK: - Addressbook Sync - (Mac) - Facebook Sync - (Mac) - Out Sync - (Win) - Fonebook - (Win)

Not I've not used the Windows applications... the Mac ones work great!

Message and status to your DESKTOP : - FMenu - (Mac)